Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Keeper

Here is a model of the character I call a Keeper, Keepers guard many of the gates during the progression of the game. Modeled in 3ds max the character will now have to be uv wrapped in Roadkill textured in photoshop and sculpted in Z-brush several maps will accompany the rigged and lighted character for rendering. currently the model only is about 5,079 polys I think it won't go to higher than this. The area around the eyes look to much like a mask so I will tone done the degree of extrusion. The overall idea is to look like the character has bandages on the face, hands and portions of the leg.


This is an in game model of one of the sub machine guns total polycount is 1,334 this model also has a slide to be animated in game.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Primary Model of Keeper Character

Here is the primary render with facial pose and wrist gun I think I will loose the chain gun or mini gun type of surround and go for a particle beam type of weapon that incorporates and or comes from the hand if defeated this weapon can be taken from the
body and used a playable
weapon, making it's power limited will make it a choice weapon of opportunity but will require a electrical ammo pack to charge which would not be easy to come by. I will need to add teeth and a tongue to this model as well as a few more minor touches after that. I will unwrap the character and pose it for a ambient occlusion render while I texture it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Map Level

Here is the map of the level

the first name I had for this level was facts of death the second is warm reception. I will proably have to manage this level in unreal 2004 just for the ease of use.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New icons/model

Here I have added a tread to the boots.

The image next to it is the hero character unposed.

The health meter went red with a blue outline due to the fact that the international symbol for first aid is red.

The revolver looks a lot better in photoshop so I will render most of these in 3d and apply accordingly.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So far this is the look I am going for however I might have to reduce the poly count in the engine. I wonder what is the max poly count for Unreal 2004 and if it accepts normal maps I have been told that Unreal 3 will not accept max files only maya. I am looking for a game engine that will allow max files I have read that the sandbox cry engine can be used with max files.

NPC soldier type for blasting these guys really are hard core fighters, nice weapon but it might not make it to the final model.
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shadow for text

Well this looks like the last art cover piece I will use because I have alot of other assets to work with.
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redo of cover art

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cover Art revision

Well from some worthwhile critiques I have revised the cover art for the Darkgate game. Here is the preliminary revision. The relief needs to come out more so I will be editing that and moving back to the UI and HUD. I have added a heavier embossing to the letters and also one with a drop shadow but having problems uploading the images, yeah for technology.

HUD icons

Here is the illustration of gun and ammo number count.

The two guns are just to get and idea about how the HUD would look in two different formats. But the in game icon will look like the one on the left.

Also I will probably use the same color scheme for the health bar to keep it balanced.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

HUD in game/ Start screen

The HUD for the game now know as Darkgate will have a simple old school feel to it the far lower left corner will have a health icon in green in four parts that will progressively disappear from attacks leaving only the center portion at one point to turn green after that it will change to yellow, orange and red after taking a hit at this point then a life will be lost. The lower middle of the screen will have two shoe prints in a mid lite sepia for a direction icon which would bring up a map and other information. Last but not least is the weapon type and ammo count depending on the weapon a bluish green neon type icon with a negative relief inset into the weapon itself will show the ammo count, the trick is showing ammo storage in the triple digits and keeping the look of the icon intact. However the look of the start menu is something I am still researching to maintain the balance and overall theme of the game. I think handguns won't go over 99 for ammo count. That will keep it level.

NPC models

Here the thumbnails for the NPC soldier for the game engine I will be working towards refining the art work for this soldier and have a model with a turntable light textured and rendered. Later

Title graphics

Here is the cover art and graphic text for the game art project. All work was done in photoshop with layers and original drawings done for the character design sheet. The character in the image is called a keeper a 8 foot tall behemoth that protects what else the gates within the level of the game, created as a boss for most levels. The keeper has been mutated and has had unelected surgery, linking a mini type gun to his right arm and a brain heart link to regulate his massive size. The character is a formidable foe and very hard to bring down if you feel lucky punk.

Cover Art for game

It is the 18th and I seem to still be under the pressure of mocking up the assets I also remembered that I have to model a SMG for the NPC's instead of the current desert eagle that I proposed since the main characters weapon will be the magnum revolver with speed loaders.

Anyway I have the sketch worked out for the cover design after going through about 5-6 ideas and running most of them past my instructor I chose the following sketch as the target.

Additonal assets mockups

This is the hero of the game named Benjamin Brown although this game is an FPS the hero in game will show only the hands and weapon.

Here are some of the other thumbnails and primary sketches for the game.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

creation of assets and cover art for game

Well here are the thumbnails and associated primary sketches for the game project I have some ideas that are solidifying. I am going to challenge myself my trying to model this character in less than a week in 3ds max and sculpt the normal map in Z-Brush. The textures shouldn't be to much of a problem but I can't wait to see how this turns out. This model will hopefully be solid enough to place in the unreal engine. The letters are balancing themselves out should have the results by tommorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creating a working Level in unreal 3

I have this great project idea to create a FPS ( first person shooter) I am working towards creating a single level in this game engine all the assets that will be in the game engine.

This is the in game revolver that I would like to know what is the normal poly count for these types of weapons.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

animating and hinging a revolver

I was wondering about the dynamics associated with hinging a revolver as well as rotation of the cylinder hammer pull back and fire as well as the opening of the cylinder and empting of the cylinder and reloading as a entire animation seqence to put inside the unreal 3 engine as an action.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This is my first attempt at creating a blog for work in progress for 3D development.