Sunday, January 11, 2009

Posed to Render / Ambient with wireframe

With mostly all of the assets mapped and textured my attention went on reposing the character in a more dynamic pose the render is only a test done in Edit Mesh with no smoothing at 600X800 without final gather or any enhanced settings, showing the front and back of the character. With everything set the only thing now is to apply textures and reset lighting rig for what I hope will be a nice render that should be done by this week. The polygon count is manageable but I will optimize the mesh on the body as well as the pistols and ammo for in game. Again all modeling was done in 3Ds Max the pose was done by using biped and weighting the vertices to test the mesh, then exported to Z-brush and using the transpose tool to tweak the pose and change the expression of the the character slightly. Lastly a turntable with an environment will accompany the render.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Here is the revolver finally textured as you can see there a four corresponding maps that need to be applied to the model before it takes on the correct look and of course the lighting has a lot to do with it, the image at the top with a more golden hue is the low quality render at 480X680, . F.Y.I the map above is the map for the bullets.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weapon texturing

I like the idea of six shooters making there way make into games. Here is the current texture layout so far. Along side the six shooter is a speed loader that will also be textured. The diffuse(color) map and the normal (detail) map will be followed by a specular map and others to finish the piece, which is currently pushing 3,096 polygons but it can be trimmed down if need be.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not just pretty faces/hard surface modeling

In learning 3d and accompanying software I found it a must to know hard surface as well as organic modeling. Here is a render of an futuristic city that could perhaps become a reality its is an old west type of town on the ocean a complete building mock up story and breakdown accompany this piece but I will show it at a later time.
This is all geometry except for the sky the water is a plain but could do with some displacement.
All the work was modeled in 3Ds Max, textures modified in Photoshop and rendered in Mental Ray. The revolver is currently pushing 3,096 polygons but will be trimmed down if need be.