Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sculpts and maps

To create a working normal map of course you need a sculpt from a program like Mudbox or Z-brush I like working with Z-brush and the results seem to do well here are the low res sculpt of this character. I learned that creating good diffuse maps start with a blend of the normal map as well as a diffuse map for a good starting point to apply colors or and textures.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Finished Auto Model

The advanced design police car model is done weighing in at 6,209 polys without interior and 9,453 with interior, sub divided it weighs in at 19,091 and mesh smoothed at 28,195. The entire mesh is one piece except for the interior which is another entire separate piece that totals 3,244 polygons including back seat front buckets seat belts steering wheel, pedals, cab divider, and accessories. The interior of course can be separated from the mesh to save on polygons in areas where a full detailed view is not necessary, with texturing soon to follow.

Finished Base Mesh

here is the auto with full interior and exterior I have decided that the car will be an environmentally friendly car, that runs on hydrogen and solar power it has a rear side port inside of what looks like the gas fill compartment. The top engine, roof and hood areas are covered with solar panels that are used to run interior equipment and accessories as well as charge non-lethal stun guns, emp devices and other electronic devices. The rims are a forged steel alloy while the front bumper is reinforced with a push bumper with other details to come.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Police Vehicle

Here is the auto with full interior that was created as a separate mesh to assist with close ups and full shots that can be utilized by simply using only the outer body without the interior core.